Democracy Is No Defense

A new poll finds that a healthy majority of Americans support letting the government snoop into their private business without any actual cause so long as some man from the government waves a terrorist boogeyman at them.

This proves what I’ve long said – that voting is not remotely the same thing as liberty, that democracy (and yes, this includes “representative republics” – a distinction without any functional difference) is no defense against oppression, and that 51% of your neighbors (or 51% of their elected representatives) can tyrannize you just as well as any tinhorn despot.

Well then, the majority shall get the tyranny they want, and deserve. I have no sympathy left for them. The older I get, the more I find myself completely out of sympathy for people who face the entirely predictable consequences of their own obviously poor decisions. Which is what the majority is facing now, and will face far more of in years to come.

But I am the 15%, and I will resist by fearlessly telling the truth.


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