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Welcome to your daily respite from the insanity of modernity and the Cult of Democracy. Here philosophy, social technology, arts, literature, culture, and government will be discussed from an alternative right, traditional Catholic perspective.

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32 thoughts on “About AntiDem

  1. Dear sir,
    Would you like to read Hoppe’s book “Democracy – The God that Failed?”
    You may reply using the email I provided, though I will also be notified of any future replies here

    Thank you,

    • DV;

      I do indeed have a copy of Prof. Hoppe’s magnum opus. While I disagree with some of his more stridently anarcho-capitalist ideas (the concept of completely privatized judges and police, for example), his criticisms of democracy are spot-on, and definitely have influenced my thinking.

      Thank you for commenting, and please do keep reading!

  2. Another book that can be recommended is “The Limits of Pure Democracy” by W.H. Mallock. Written in 1918 – relevant today.

  3. Please post more often. A blog titled ‘Anti-democracy Activist’ should be running overtime these days. Don’t waste the name!

  4. Your last post was excellent. (actually, the last several have been, for that matter.)

    But I must complain – – it is hell trying to comment on your posts. Is this maybe by design? A deliberately anti-democratic element to an anti-democratic blog?

    • I intentionally turned comments off because I have no desire to deal with comment threads. General interaction/conversation may be had via my Twitter account at @antidemblog

  5. I’m not very fond of twitter (due to the format discouraging serious conversation), but I am fond of your blog here so I made the decision to follow you there anyway. Some excellent writing here, especially the post on how we should “stick it to The Man” (that’s now the leftists), enjoy our oppositional days ahead and create our own counter-culture.

    Found my way here through the swedish new right/traditionalist think tank and blogportal motpol.nu (motpol means anti-thesis) and the analyst Joakim Andersen, who wrote about your ideas there as a reading tip for the motpol readers. It’s in swedish so I don’t reckon you’ll understand much but it might be interesting for you to learn how your writing is spreading throughout the deepest rebel lairs of the internet 😉

    We have the same problem all over “the west” after all, as you accurately proclaimed.


  6. Just read about Peter Brown’s passing. I’lll admit to being one of many who cringed at his cosplay. (Was also there for the pool party incident.) Saddened that he didn’t find happiness and acceptance and felt that he had to take his own life.

    • Thank you for the comment, Keith. The story was based on my twenty year old recollections of events, and I hope they’re reasonably accurate. I’m glad someone else remembers the pool party. That Cal Animage Alpha room party at AX ’96 is a great memory for me. A lot of paths seem to have crossed through Berkeley in the 90s. I’m happy that I was one of them. But I suppose there’s a dark side of everything, and there was some real sadness just offstage of my good memories of youth.

  7. Dear Antidem,

    I just read your 1 year old post about your disappointment with the new pope (and how he undermined all those who fought against abortion with his statements). I believe many of us traditionalists shared your disappointment. You wrote in an earlier post, before he was chosen, what a new pope must be and I agreed with a lot of your points there. Sadly, it did not turn out that way this time. While the holy father certainly is a good and kind man, he is not the one the Catholic Church so desperately needed, we seem to agree.

    If you feel the Catholic Church is leaving you, as I have (not to even speak about the protestant denominations…), you may like to have a look at the Orthodox Christian Church and tradition. I do believe it is the one that is the most untainted still.

    There are some orthodox churches in the States.

    Be strong, be well,

    Thordeus Plikt

  8. I just landed on “On Homosexuality And Uranus” at random through Google. This is one of the most unexpectedly brilliant essays I’ve ever read on the Internet. I have no idea who you (the author) are or what this blog is about, but I’ll be back.

  9. The Myth of Democracy
    by Tage Lindbom

    Western intellectuals and politicians are writing and speaking about the triumphs and salvific powers of democracy. But according to Swedish historian and philosopher Tage Lindbom, there is a widening gap between democratist rhetoric and concrete reality. Democratism is surging in the midst of deepening social and political problems, including falling standards of moral conduct, declining education, political corruption, the destruction of the family, and crime. In this provocative and highly engaging volume, Lindbom analyzes some of the most important elements of the protracted process that finally produced the modern myth of self-governing man. Turning the tables on our progressive age, Lindbom asks readers to consider the possibility that democracy is quintessentially the manifestation of spiritual debacle, the attempt to replace the true sovereignty of God with the “kingdom of man”.

  10. Hey pal – you’ve been gone from Twitter a while, coming back? I miss the random anime retweets (interspersed with your scintillating political and philosophical commentary, of course…)

  11. Hey AntiDem,

    I am a huge fan of your blog (wish you would write more!) and want to hear more about your thoughts of Neo-Nazi entryism into the alt right and NRx movement.

    I’ve observed a fair amount of this, especially at therighstuff.biz and Radix Journal (in comments and posts at TRS and more in just comments at Radix).

    It’s a very fair criticism. Neo-Nazis are losers, wedded to the corpse of a long dead movement. Moreover, the fixation on Jews gets very old. After all, who doesn’t love Jurassic Park and Seinfeld?

    But what are we to do? I’m of the opinion that there are no enemies to the right. We’ve seen how mainstream conservatives kowtow to the left and denounce one another when charged with sexism or racism. That’s a losing strategy, yet Neo-Nazis are political poison. I understand the perverse pleasure of being as anti-mainstream as can be, but I’m also realistic.

    Your thoughts?

  12. Why no comments on articles?

    This is in reference to the article The Need For Thede:
    One thing I never see mentioned reading through the alt-right (or whatever these sites are) is the need for power and influence.The mainstream culture may be wrapped up by the left, but even thedes will need leadership to enforce the FIFO policy you mention. [nb4 will-to-power-bruh]

    It occurred to me a while back that the US founding fathers could have set up any kind of government they wanted and chose the government they did because it aligned with their personal values and philosophy. In other words they had the power to shape their world. The right seems to be full of pontificators and theorists, but seems to lack any men of action or means.

    Two more prime examples of Master Thedes, one still extant the other pretty much defeated:

    Romani/Travelers, they have laws, kings, courts and I think even a kind of syncretic religion; sort of a poor man’s jews.

    Scottish Clanns had everything you mentioned and existed as a parallel polis until subjugated by the English.

  13. I very much appreciate your remarks on blacks et al. As for me, I’m just worn out — tired of caring.

    You correctly observed, “. . . and the only other idea that the left has been able to come up with is trying more of what has already spent half a century not working.”

    I prefer to say it another way: “When a fool discovers that he is heading in the wrong direction, he compensates by increasing his speed.”

    As long as government is involved, there is no hope for improvement.

    Since most of the problems are caused (at the very least exacerbated) by government, the only hope for improvement is to eliminate the hundreds of destructive government programs. Start with the Children’s Prison System (fallaciously described as “public education”), Family Incarceration (fallaciously described as “public housing”), the Toxic Ingestion Program (once known as “food stamps” and now known as Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP), and all forms of free drugs (fallaciously known as “health care”). The SNAP program and “health care” programs are operated not for the benefit of the recipients, but for Agribusiness and Big Pharma.

    But unless I am elected Dictator for Life, these programs will continue until the Great Collapse.

  14. I read your post titled “I Don’t Care About Black People” and I’ve got to agree. What I hope everyone understands is that there is a segment of black people, although they’re small in number, who’s fed up with the majority of black people well. These are the black people who live normal, productive lives….who haven’t drank the liberal kool-aid of victimization. I am from that group. In fact, we may be more angry than whites because we are automatically lumped in with that ilk of negros. Not only that, we have them in our family and have to deal with them more.

    However, my post isn’t about who’s fed up more but to inform you that there are black people who feel the exact same way. Unfortunately, like you all, we also have to keep a low profile for obvious reasons.

  15. “So when are they going to start acting like white people…”

    What is “white” from your perspective? Better yet, what is “anti-white”? Do white people have any liberty to decide for themselves what is their personal ideology regarding race? Must all white people at every single moment act in the best interests of whites? What are the consequences should those whites deviate from being white?

    These are pertinent, relevant questions that demand responses.

  16. Hello there.

    My name is Alexander and I would like to propose a collaboration between us. Please get in touch with me when you see this. I have added my email below so that you can contact me there. I would like to do link exchange with you. I have a couple of blogs on red pill and other men related sites.

    Best regards from Norway

  17. Would you mind outlining some of the best places to consider moving to in rural America? I have tried to research it but there are limitations to what I can uncover. My wife and I are taking a trip next week to gather intel on a likely refuge but I would love to have other options.

    It is quite plain to me that this is a trend that will accelerate, particularly after the over charged officer in Minneapolis is acquitted of capital murder charges. That will light the match on rioting that will make the summer of 2020 look like the proverbial Sunday School picnic.

    I look forward to each new post. Be well.

  18. In December of 2020, I took a short road trip down to Florida…

    Wouldn’t that be 2019?

    Great piece. I know writing something like this can take weeks to coalesce. I made the comment on your typo because it will help those who look back from the future through this chronicle understand this epoch of insanity. Without the shared context of someone who’s lived the same experience, the detail would cause confusion.

    It has been long said that men go mad in herds and regain their sanity one at a time. If you’re ever short of motivation remember it’s the multitude of sites like this that flip them back.

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