Vox: At Your Feet Or At Your Throat

Yes, yes, I know – I said that I don’t like reposting thoughts from other authors in their entirety, and now I’m doing that twice in a row while I work on my next original work, but Vox Day stole the thunder of an upcoming piece I was going to write so thoroughly that, while I can’t let this thought go unexpressed here, I also want to give Vox credit due for beating me to this particular punch. So here’s the key passage from him, in which he speaks about the left and its sycophants and fellow-travelers:

“First, give them an inch and they will not only take a mile, but will insult you in the process. Second, there is absolutely no reasoning with these people. They are an implacable enemy and no quarter should be shown to them even when they wave the white flag and start talking about negotiating a settled peace.

As Churchill once said of the Hun, he is either at your feet or at your throat. We can’t leave them alone because they won’t leave us alone. We can’t tolerate them because they will not tolerate us. So, root them out of your lives, stop supporting them, stop enabling them, and stop funding their assault on your beliefs, your family, and your faith. There are no fences upon which moderates can safely sit in a cultural war…

One cannot reason with totalitarians. One can only refuse to submit to them. And sooner or later, one must fight them.”

This, right down to the Churchill quote, is precisely what I myself wished to express. And if I did not voice it first, I will at least add my humble voice to it. And with my voice, I will fight them. So consider the battle joined, Vox.

Because he is right – nobody should feel any obligation to “be reasonable” with the left. Being reasonable with people who will do nothing but use it as an opening to destroy you is just being a sucker. I see nothing in the Bible, nor in any other book worth listening to, that requires me to be a sucker. So shut them down, shut them out, shut them up. No quarter. No mercy. Their plan is Permanent Revolution, and they will eventually come for you no matter what – so give them hell!