Three Years Together

December 29th is the anniversary of this website, and I try never to let it go unremarked-upon. Many thanks, then, to all of you who make up my readership. It goes without saying that what I do here would be pointless without you. You all have my deepest appreciation – and most especially those of you whose donations helped me through the financial crisis that I faced this past summer. Be assured that there’s much more to come – I have not yet begun to fight!

As always, if you should want to contact me through other channels, you may find me at:

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Two Years Together

Today marks two years since the founding of this website. On this occasion, I felt it appropriate to extend a heartfelt thanks to the people who have made this all worth the effort – you, the readers. Traffic numbers here have increased close to tenfold in the past year, and in the same period I’ve gone from eight Twitter followers to a little over two thousand, so it’s been a good year for my efforts. With God’s grace and a bit of luck, next year will be just as good; but I never forget that it is you, dear readers, who are the reason why I do what I do – so my sincerest appreciation goes out to you all.

If you should want to contact me through other channels, you may find me here, as well:

Twitter: @antidemblog

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Email: antidem at yandex dot com

One Year Together

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Anti-Democracy Activist. On this occasion, it is only right for me to offer some words of thanks. Thus: thanks to God Almighty, thanks to WordPress for hosting this column, thanks to my influences (past and present) and my co-conspirators in the growing Neo-Reaction (links to many of whose own homes on the internet can be found in the right sidebar), and most of all thanks to you, the readers, who are always the author’s silent partners in any writing endeavor. Without you, this project would be not so much impossible as (what is worse) pointless.

There’s a scene in the delightful early-90s movie The Commitments in which the struggling band’s saxophonist remarks to his manager that it feels much better to be an unemployed musician than an unemployed pipe fitter. Speaking personally, it feels much better for my “real” work to be that of a radical Neo-Reactionary activist than anything else. Having a secret identity and fighting for faith, tradition, decency, and justice suits me well. I highly recommend it to everybody.

One year and 65 columns on, it’s been a long, slow struggle to build audience and do some genuine good in the world – but you can all be assured that the struggle will continue unabated in the new year.

Straight ahead everybody… straight ahead!