Three Years Together

December 29th is the anniversary of this website, and I try never to let it go unremarked-upon. Many thanks, then, to all of you who make up my readership. It goes without saying that what I do here would be pointless without you. You all have my deepest appreciation – and most especially those of you whose donations helped me through the financial crisis that I faced this past summer. Be assured that there’s much more to come – I have not yet begun to fight!

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Two Years Together

Today marks two years since the founding of this website. On this occasion, I felt it appropriate to extend a heartfelt thanks to the people who have made this all worth the effort – you, the readers. Traffic numbers here have increased close to tenfold in the past year, and in the same period I’ve gone from eight Twitter followers to a little over two thousand, so it’s been a good year for my efforts. With God’s grace and a bit of luck, next year will be just as good; but I never forget that it is you, dear readers, who are the reason why I do what I do – so my sincerest appreciation goes out to you all.

If you should want to contact me through other channels, you may find me here, as well:

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