Thoughts On Election 2016

As the right comes down off the psychological high of Donald Trump winning the election of 2016 – a year that, between the Brexit vote, the rise of Duterte in the Philippines, and the Trump victory, has proven to be full of good news for rightists – a bit of realistic perspective is in order. Here are a few things worth keeping in mind as we go forward:

Trump is not the God-Emperor. Trump is not our Caesar, our Constantine, or our Charlemagne. Trump is not the savior – not of conservatism as a philosophical movement, not of the white race, not of Christianity, and especially not of the Republic (which cannot be saved, as democracy is inherently unstable and inevitably flies apart after a couple hundred years). Trump is not alt-right, though the alt-right played an indispensable role in putting him where he is. Trump, by any reasonable standard, is simply a moderate who actually gets things done. Among the things he has promised to get done are to stem the immivasion of the United States, to halt or reverse the efforts of the federal government to disarm its citizens and to leave them incapable of meaningful resistance to its dictates, and to head off the pointless, stupid, and destructive pattern of American hostility toward Russia so that some idiot in Washington doesn’t stumble us into a nuclear war. It should go without saying that these are all positives, but none of them will by themselves bring about the Restoration.

What, then, does Trump represent for reactionaries, monarchists, traditionalists, and others of the genuine right?

For us, Trump represents breathing room; a reprieve from the slide into civilization-eating leftist madness which was worsening at an alarming pace, and which will now be stabilized for a time. On the other hand, he represents a reprieve for both the deserving and the undeserving: the Republic, which is the opposite of, and the enemy of, good and decent government, and which seemed to be on a fast track to joining its ideological cousin, the Soviet Union, on the ash-heap of history, will have a few more years of life breathed into it as well.

So what do we do now?

As much as I hesitate to take my strategic and philosophical lessons from 1980s cartoon shows, there was a scene in the old GI Joe series that has long stuck with me. While berating Cobra Commander over one of his innumerable failures of leadership, Destro angrily tells him: “Your stupid bungling has given our enemies the two commodities they must never be allowed: time and hope.” These are the commodities that Trump’s victory have given us, and we would be very foolish indeed to not take full advantage of them.

One lesson we should take away from this is that we must completely reject the idea of passivism. Passivism represents the inexplicable doctrine of taking options away from ourselves for no other reason than self-indulgent edgy fatalism. It is an idea born of the loss of hope; the very hope that we have now been allowed to recapture. Let this be a lesson to us; a reminder of why despair is a mortal sin. If there is anything that the past year’s worth of developments has taught us, it’s that the future is often unpredictable. We should always know what our options are, never take any of them off the table unless we are forced to by circumstance, and be ready to move on any of them at any moment when an opportunity presents itself. Moreover, our enemies have demonstrated by their reaction to their loss in this election something that I’ve been saying for years: That they have a glass jaw; they are all offense and no defense; they can dish it out just fine, but years of victories from a rigged system and “cuckservative”capitulation, as well as the experience of growing up in environments where everybody got a gold star on their report cards just for trying, have left them psychologically unable to handle losing, or even really to handle genuinely tough fights against a tenacious and determined adversary. So the strategy is: Hit them hard, hit them often – keep punching, never let up, be deaf to their pleas for conciliation and compromise, and don’t stop until their will to fight is broken utterly.

We must also never let ourselves forget that Trump is a means to an end, and that his victory is not the conclusion of our struggle, but a waypoint along our path. This whole rotten system must be brought down – egalitarianism, democracy, socialism, feminism, secularism, mass consumerism, Modernity, liberalism (classical and otherwise) – it is all toxic and unsustainable, and we will never truly be safe until it is all swept into the rubbish bin of history. In addition, the curve of Spenglerian decline still draws the West toward the gaping maw of oblivion, and we must not delude ourselves into thinking that a the election of a moderately conservative and mildly sympathetic President has much altered that trajectory. Things are still headed for a crackup, it is just that we will get there a bit more slowly and it will perhaps be a bit less disastrous than feared. This is where having time and hope matters most: without time, we cannot act, and without hope, we will not act. Yet fortune has given us the wherewithal to prepare, to maneuver, to get into more advantageous and defensible positions. We had better not squander this opportunity.

I will be saying more – much more – about the specifics of what I have in mind soon, so please continue to check back in for updates in the coming months. But for the moment, with an appropriate amount of caution in mind, let us enjoy this triumph. Take a while to celebrate, and then be ready to continue the fight.


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