Podcast: Interview With Psycho Dish

During my travels this summer, I stopped to interview old friend of the blog Psycho Dish. I’ve divided the interview into two parts, both of which I’m posting here.

In Part One, he talksĀ about his past and future, and about how the son of a long line of liberals, social crusaders, and even outright communists ended up moving to the right. He tells us about his family history, his experiences with poverty and homelessness, his time working for a communally-run taxi service in Berkeley, and his experiences traveling in Asia:

In Part Two, we talk about hippie protestors and what they get wrong, virtue signaling, the right way to do charity, and the underground economy of the ghetto, along with asking the question nobody seems to want to answer: To whom do black lives matter?

So listen in and meet Psycho Dish, a most singular gentleman.