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First, I’d like to start off by extending a heartfelt and very sincere thanks to everyone who is helping me through my current financial crisis. Every donation, large or small, is needed, is valuable, and is deeply appreciated. Under normal circumstances, I would take the time to publish a list of all of the people who have donated in order to thank them, but we do not live in normal circumstances, and I don’t want to get anyone Eiched, so I will simply say: If you have donated, you know who you are, and so do I, and I am touched and humbled by your generous actions.

That all said, I am unaccustomed to having to beg for help, and I would much rather do something productive and useful for the money I receive. So, inspired by the “Aurini’s Insight” series of sponsored videos that Davis Aurini has created, I have decided to offer to write reader-sponsored posts. For a minimum donation of $100 dollars (which is the same amount that Aurini charges for his videos), I will write at least 500 words (though that’s a minimum word count, and the finished product would likely be more) on any subject that the person donating may desire. Projected turnaround time will be one week from acceptance of the assignment, though if I do write a lot more than 500 words, receive the request at a particularly busy time, or end up having to do some heavy reading in preparation for writing the piece, it may end up taking just slightly longer. The default assumption would be that it would be published here in this space, though since you paid for it, you can publish it on your own website if you like, as long as my byline stays with it. I can also email it to the sponsor privately if they would prefer to keep it to themselves entirely for some reason.

It should be understood that these will be in addition to my regular writings here, not instead of them. My normal work will continue, and will always be free of charge. It will also be in addition to, not instead of, my Ask.FM account, which will remain open for anyone who wants to ask me a quick question. But Ask.FM is a format for short answers, both in terms of how long they are and the amount of time I spend on each answer. A sponsored post would be geared more towards someone who wants a deeper analysis of an issue or a more detailed answer to a question.

That all said, there will be a few ground rules for these posts:

1) I reserve the right to refuse any request, so email me to make sure that I’ll accept your assignment before sending me payment. In practice though, I’ll really only ever refuse if: a) the request is an obvious troll, b) I would have to doxx myself or others as part of writing it, or c) I honestly don’t know enough about the requested subject to feel comfortable taking money to write about it.

2) What you will get will be my honest opinion on the subject. No matter how bad my finances look, no amount of money is worth destroying my reputation over. I will not write anything that I do not actually believe.

3) Sponsored posts that are published here will be clearly marked as such. At the sponsor’s request, I will either share their name (real or pseudonym) or keep them anonymous.

I want to emphasize that sponsored posts can be about any subject, not just the sort of things that I normally cover here. If you want me to write about politics, history, or philosophy, that’s fine. But if you’d like me to write about brutalist architecture, or 80s pop music, or post-WWI literary Modernism, or Star Trek vs. Star Wars, or my favorite spaghetti sauce recipe, or any other matter that may strike your fancy, I’ll gladly accept that assignment as well. And, of course, I’ll be happy to do reviews of movies, television shows, anime, video games (I own an iPad and a Nintendo 3DS, and do not own, but have access to, a PS4 and an Xbox One), books, restaurants, albums, websites, podcasts, YouTube videos, prepackaged food, consumer electronics, toys, literary magazines, vacation destinations, or anything else you might like to hear my evaluation of. The only caveat is that if you’re making the minimum donation, and if I have to spend more than a couple of bucks on something in order to review it, the cost of whatever it is should be included over and above the amount of the donation.

So if you would like to sponsor a post, contact me by email at: antidemblog at gmail dot com with your request.

After this, I’m going to go back to writing normal blog posts, because that’s what people – especially the ones who have been donating – really come here to read. But please do keep donating if you can; it’s really helping a lot. And now that I take requests, don’t be shy about letting me know if you have one!

P.S. My Facebook page is now open! Feel free to come by and browse. Comments have been turned off here on the blog for ages, but I will link to every new blog post on Facebook, and anyone who wishes to can go there and comment as they see fit. See you there!


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