Bob Grant 1929-2013


Despite having received the unhappy news rather late, I could not help but add my own sorrowful comments upon hearing of the passing of radio legend Robert Ciro Gigante; known to fans, friends, and foes alike as Bob Grant. No one who ever heard him on the radio could describe him as anything other than electrifying. He was a man who knew how to handle leftists; who, correctly, never assumed them to be honest, principled, or worthy of respect. And disrespect them he did – fearlessly, relentlessly, to their faces, in every measure that they so richly deserved. He despised them; he loathed them and what they had done, and continue to do, to his country, and he never hesitated to say so. His warnings, including his most famous warning that his country was “slipping and sliding into Third Worldism”, seem all too prophetic in an age in which the middle class is being eroded into nothingness, morality has given way to degeneracy, and the government progressively becomes ever more both tyrannical and incompetent.

He was a man of vision, and his voice will be missed. His influence will be lasting, and his work will be continued – including right here, in this space, by yours truly. This site is, and shall always remain, wall-to-wall Bob Grant country. 

Straight ahead everybody… straight ahead!