QFT: Kunstler Nails Modernity

I’m convinced that James Howard Kunstler is far more conservative than he thinks he is. How could he not be, with sentiments like this? It’s from a long (and quite interesting) article on architecture, but this section explains the way that Modernity sees the world with startling clarity:

“This racket was in turn supported by the ideological politics of the day, namely the struggles of females, racial identity groups, and homosexuals against the age-old domination of hetero Caucasian males. It hopped on the express bus of the Post-structuralism fad, which described all human endeavor in terms of “power relations” and all reality as “constructed” – meaning, if you wanted to change who was in charge of things, you could simply employ rhetoric to manipulate reality according to your needs. Under such a thought regime, reality was a fungible and chimerical commodity. The stresses of such obvious relativism might not be salubrious for the collective mental health of a culture, but it hugely benefited ambitious narcissist intellectuals who could claim that reality was whatever they said it was.”

The leftist branch of Modernity may have found ways to politically steamroll its mostly-ineffectual opposition (democracy being an inherently leftist system, in the long term they basically couldn’t fail within it), but when reality strikes back, their project of denying nature – human and otherwise – will be over. Reality doesn’t care if you call it nasty names on MSNBC, deny it tenure at Wellesley, or make a snarky Hollywood movie that depicts it as a fool or a villain. And it will always win in the end.