On This Day…

I hereby provide to the United States Government written notice that I am withdrawing my consent to be governed by their organization.

For its increasing lack of constitutionality – “interpreting” parts of the founding contract of the Republic into things they were never meant to say, while ignoring the clear meanings they do have, and simply disregarding outright sections of that document that they find inconvenient; for its establishment of classes of people who are above (corrupt financiers and bankers) and beneath (the illegal alien underclass) the law, while continuing to press the full weight of its increasingly-oppressive laws against the common people; for its hypocrisy in maintaining laws on its books (such as its immigration laws) that it selectively enforces and that some people are openly encouraged to break; for its lack of vision in allowing the industrial core of the nation’s economy to be hollowed out, shipped wholesale to foreign lands under the banner of “free trade”; for the disastrous effects of the loss of decent, dignified blue-collar jobs – which government has allowed to be lost both to outsourcing and to the flood of illegal alien scabs – on the middle class; for its creation of laws (the tax code being a good example) so complex that no average citizen has a chance of reading and understanding them, and systems of government (its tremendously powerful and essentially unaccountable bureaucratic arm being a good example) so complex that no average citizen has chance of successfully navigating them in order to affect changes in policy; for its incessant warmongering in foreign lands; for its wasting of billions of dollars of the people’s money on the unneeded products of the military-industrial complex; for its ever-widening, ever more-powerful police/surveillace state; for its recklessness in amassing an unpayable debt of trillions of dollars; for its incompetence in conducting a “war on poverty” the that has served to create vast ghettoes, horrifying in their violence and poverty, in which millions have ended up helpless, unemployable, broken in spirit, and shackled to the state as their only means of survival; for its attacks on religiosity, on freedom of association, and on free commerce; for its consecration of perversion and elevation of it to the same status as the most solemn and sacred of human unions; for its pure evil in allowing the murder of fifty million of its own children – for all these reasons and more left unsaid, I withdraw my consent to be governed by the organization headquartered in Washington, DC.

Does this declaration mean that I will cease to pay the taxes demanded of me, or to consciously break others of this government’s laws? No. But I will obey their laws only because I am forced to, and only to the degree that I am forced to. I recognize its force, not its authority or legitimacy. If this government ever had these latter two qualities, it has long since lost them.

This government does everything it shouldn’t, and nothing it should. It is unfit to govern me, and I have come to the inescapable conclusion I am better off on my own.