You Are The 15%

Was there ever, in all of human history, a people who deserved tyranny and oppression more than Americans (and indeed all westerners) of the early 21st century? If so, I cannot imagine who they might be.

But you don’t deserve it, you say? Perhaps not. In an earlier column, I noted that I am one of the 15% of people who does not deserve the government I have. 15% may be a small percentage, but it is still a large number of people. It is they – it is you, dear reader – for whom and to whom I write. This column is explicitly elitist – it is in no way meant for the 85%, who would’t understand it such that it would be utterly lost on them, and who anyway desperately do deserve what they’re slowly but surely getting.

But if you are the 15%, then I write for you. If for no other reason than to let you know that, in an insane time, you are not alone.