The New York Times Commits (More) Fraud

Word comes in today that the New York Times is cooking the books on its circulation numbers in order to look better to advertisers. One must commend the Times for finally getting in on what seems to be the only thing that America is still good at producing anymore – accounting fraud – but only a fool would be surprised by this. Anyone on the right (other than neocons, who are fraudulent “conservatives”, but more on that later) knew 30 years ago that the New York Times was full of crap. Certainly, anyone who has trusted a damn thing they said after the Judy Miler Iraqi WMD fiasco a decade ago needs their head examined. Thus, the idea that the New York Times is committing outright fraud in order to bilk advertisers out of higher advertising rates than the paper is really worth simply cannot be a surprise to any one who has been paying attention. Why should the Times’s circulation numbers be any less fraudulent than what they pass off as “news” in the pages of their dead-tree dinosaur of a paper?

Anyhow, it hardly matters. The New York Timestanic is sinking. They can rearrange all the deck chairs they like, but it won’t stop what’s coming.