Another Reason Republicans Are Losers

The recent passing of Baroness Thatcher brought to light another aspect of the Republican Party’s spectacular self-destruction when, a couple of days ago, a British acquaintance asked me if American politics had as strong an element of social class in it as British politics has.

I replied that it does, but the American version is different from the British. In Britain, the political dividing line runs more or less along the lines of the upper class vs. the proles. In America, the Democrat/Republican split has long been broadly expressible as the top and bottom together vs. the middle. The Democrats have, in the post-WWII era (and certainly in the post-Vietnam era) been the party of the social, cultural, educational, and economic elites banded together with the low end of the working class and the entirety of the welfare class; while the Republicans have, in that same time frame, been the party of middle class respectability.

Hey Republicans – guess what happens when you allow your corporatist cronies in big business to destroy the country’s middle class in order to maximize profits and stock prices?