The Military Does Not Defend My Freedoms

A refrain that Americans hear endlessly from nearly all ends of the political spectrum, and certainly from the Republicans (who were antiwar in the 1930s, but no longer) and the Democrats (who were antiwar in the 1980s, but no longer), is how “the military defends our freedoms”. This is unquestionable, beyond the pale to doubt in the slightest, a dogma that no one dares question. It is also utter bullshit. The military has never defended any of my freedoms, and, with the possible exception of the “freedoms” of a few select interest groups of particular economic or political potency, has never defended much of anybody’s. Let me ask, then:

When blacks were enslaved and American Indians had their lands stolen from them by force and by fraud, where was the military?

When the blatantly unconstitutional and tyrannical Alien and Sedition acts were passed by Congress and President Adams, where was the military?

When Abraham Lincoln jailed elected Representatives and newspaper editors for having the temerity to publicly oppose him, where was the military?

When Woodrow Wilson jailed Mennonites for refusing to be drafted into his useless European war and Eugene V. Debs for daring to speak out against it, where was the military?

When the rights of American citizens were baldly violated – when the likes of Emma Goldman were deported from their own country, when the West Coast Japanese-Americans were imprisoned by it, and when Anwar and Abdulrahman al-Alwaki were executed without trial by it, where was the military?

When Congress unconstitutionally abdicated its role in setting monetary policy by outsourcing it to a private, for-profit bank called the Federal Reserve, where was the military?

When laughable and nonsensical laws like Prohibition were passed that violated rights in the name of armed do-gooderism, where was the military?

When J. Edgar Hoover compiled dossiers on non-violent, law-abiding citizens under COINTELPRO in an attempt to find ways to intimidate them out of exercising their rights, where was the military?

When one of the most fundamental of human freedoms, freedom of association, was destroyed by the passage of one after another utopian “civil rights” law, where was the military?

When the absolute most fundamental of human rights – the right to life – was destroyed by the Supreme Court in their appalling Roe v. Wade decision, where was the military?

When millions of Americans were drafted into a slave army to fight an unconstitutional, undeclared war in Vietnam, where was the military?

When American citizens were intimidated into not speaking their minds – both leftists by McCarthyism and rightists under the deadly-serious doctrine of Political Correctness, where was the military?

When an all-out assault on the presence of faith in public life – right down to a very real War on Christmas – became ever more powerful and intolerant, where was the military?

When the assault on the right of citizens to keep and bear arms pressed on, where was the military?

When a militarized police conducted combat assaults against admittedly kooky, but essentially harmless groups of American citizens on US soil – the MOVE bombing, Waco, Ruby Ridge – where was the military?

When the country was flooded by millions of Third World proletarians under the approving eye of a government that simply refused to enforce the peoples’ laws, where was the military?

When this resulted in the destruction of the native-born working class of all races and changed the political balance of the nation by, in the words of Bertolt Brecht, dissolving the people and electing another in its place, where was the military?

When the Bush/Obama outrages against civil rights continued unabated – the PATRIOT Act, warrantless wiretapping, Room 641A, Guantanamo, military tribunals, the NDAA, the persecution against and jailing of journalists and whistleblowers like Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and Thomas Drake – where was the military?

When our sons – and this time, God forgive us, our daughters – were again sent into unconstitutional undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where was the military?

When the hard-earned money of citizens was involuntarily taken by the government to reimburse crooked bankers for the losses they incurred when the massive financial frauds they had undertaken finally collapsed around them, where was the military?

When the citizens were forced under penalty of law to buy products from private, for-profit corporations in the name of “health care reform”, and when people of faith were forced by these laws to pay for birth control and abortifacients they found morally horrifying, where was the military?

Where were they? At best they were nowhere to be found. At worst, and perhaps more commonly, they were actively a part of denying or destroying the freedoms I am so often told they are there to defend.

So let me hear no more about how the military “defends my freedoms”.


6 thoughts on “The Military Does Not Defend My Freedoms

  1. Sir, the Republicans have never been “anti-war”, their reluctance to intercede in Europe, in the 1930’s, was consistent, as that would have been an inherent defense of the House of Hanover. However, once Sir Winston invoked the Third Reich as proxy for the “Seceshe”, the Republicans were bound by honor and deep seeded memory, to draw the Terrible Swift Sword once again and march to the Rhine.


  2. Antidem,

    Thank you for this. Having served downrange in the Army, this sort of stuff would come up at times and lead to some difficult questions. One time, President Bush visited our post around the very beginning of the Iraq build-up. There was a lot of uncertainty and nobody knew just what was going to happen next. Some guy in the crowd yelled, “We should go after Saddam!” Everybody cheered, the president laughed, and me and another guy looked at each other like we had just stumbled into a deep-shit situation.

    Anyhow, I would be interested in your input on a project I’ve been working on that’s military-related. Would it be possible to contact you via email?


  3. The function of the military is to defend against external threats, but also to protect national interests abroad. Since it is under civilian control, it may be used in other inappropriate ways.

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