Bush Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

To the mainstream right, I say this: You are getting what you deserve.

All of it – gun control, gay marriage, Sandra Fluke, the election loss and the resulting despair which is causing the Republican Party to cave in on immigration, the Boy Scouts to cave in on gays, the Komen Foundation to cave in to Planned Parenthood – you deserve every bit of it. As Pilkington said to Napoleon in Animal Farm, “Serves you right”.

Serves you right for spending eight irreplaceable years expressing hate toward and making war on distant Muslims; of fighting fellow traditionalist people of faith while ignoring the real enemies of your faith, your traditions, your freedoms, and your way of life in your own country. Serves you right for putting Israel first; what you’ve got now is a direct result of those priorities – a neocon xenophobic warmongering kook in charge in Tel Aviv, and a religion-hostile Cultural Marxist gun-grabber in the White House back in Washington. Serves you right for uncritically supporting leaders who made one bad and self-destructive decision after another: Bush could have closed the southern border and deported every last illegal alien in the name of national security during his first term in office, and no one would have dared oppose it – why did you all not insist that he do so? Why did you not insist that he do something about the tide of Cultural Marxism that now swamps the country? Bush could have passed a federal ban on gay marriage, and could even have passed strong pro-life laws not subject to review by courts. Why did you allow him not to? Why did you not hold your leaders’ feet to the fire? Like Dick Cheney during Vietnam, it seems they had “other priorities”, and so did you. How’s that working out for you?

You tried, literally, to gain the world, and lost your souls. You tried to gain a world empire based on your ideas, and instead lost them even at home. What did those eight irreplaceable years of the Bush Presidency actually accomplish? What was its result? A bunch of dead Muslims in faraway countries, your own party in disarray only a few short years later, and Cultural Marxism on a triumphant march at home. Is this not a mirror of what happened during and after Vietnam? That war precipitated a cultural revolution in this country; one that likely will prove a mortal wound. Now in the wake of those lost years, in the wake of your spending, and allowing your leaders to spend, eight years chasing a real “Phantom Menace”, we have the completion of what started in 1965.

You wasted those years dicking around fighting a “Phantom Menace” while the real enemy closed in around you – and many of you insist on fighting it still. How stupid can you get? When the boxer Muhammad Ali was drafted to fight in Vietnam, he refused to go, saying: “No Vietnamese ever called me nigger”. He knew who his enemy wasn’t. Do you? Ask yourselves: Is it Muslims who have legalized gay marriage in state after state? Who have forced the Catholic Church to pay for birth control, including abortifacients? Who have smeared you in the pages of the New York Times and on Hollywood’s movie screens as semi-retarded, violence-prone, retrograde, theocratic fascists? Who have flooded your country with semi-literate proletarian Third Worlders who will vote for whoever will give the greatest number of government handouts? Who are coming to take your gun rights? Is it?

Yes, the mainstream media – both news and entertainment – is brazenly operating as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Yes, academia has largely turned into a left-wing indoctrination machine. Yes, a secular leftist “cultural elite” stands against you. But the defeats you have suffered are still your fault: for your lack of vision and priorities; for your militarism, hubris, and lust for empire; for your reflexive partisan team-cheering and unwillingness to hold “your guys” accountable; for your indulgence in bizarre conspiracy theories in lieu of substantive debate; for allowing the intellectual leadership of your movement to devolve from the likes of William F. Buckley, first to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, then to the likes of Glenn Beck, and finally to the likes of Alex Jones; for your willingness to nominate halfwits and nutters as long as they swore fealty to an unimportant country sitting in a shitty resourceless scrap of scrub desert on the other side of the planet and promised to blow up lots of Muslims, you deserve every bit of it.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a pep talk, “tough love”, or a call to action. Like I said, those eight years were irreplaceable; tell you all of this almost certainly doesn’t matter now. Your tragedy is that you fought the wrong battle, and lost both the battle you did fight but shouldn’t have, and the battle you didn’t fight but should have. But tragedy is a creation of hubris, shortsightedness, and foolishness, which you displayed in abundance. Never has a movement that was tasked with opposing such open wickedness so richly deserve to lose.


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