This I (Don’t) Believe

Some people say the state of the world has left them unable to believe in God. I’m the exact opposite – the state of the world has left be unable to believe in anything but God. I don’t believe in democracy, I don’t believe in the goodness of my fellow man, I don’t believe in the wisdom of crowds, I don’t believe people who tell me they’re from the government and they’re here to help, I don’t believe that most “smart people” are anywhere near as smart as they think they are, I don’t believe that being intelligent generally makes you a better – or even a greatly more sensible – person, I don’t believe that science knows – or can know – anywhere near as much as it claims, I don’t believe that if you read it in a newspaper it must be true, I don’t believe that a truly “good” (as opposed to “less bad”) form of government ever has or ever can exist, I don’t believe that humanity is on a great march of progress, I don’t believe in utopia on the Earth, I don’t believe in utopia in outer space, I don’t believe that good intentions are all that important, I don’t believe that all you need is love, I don’t believe that people are generally honest about their intentions, I don’t believe that if you just believe in yourself you can accomplish anything you want, I don’t believe that academics are wise or even very smart outside of their narrow fields, I don’t believe that mass media runs on creativity and inspiration, and I don’t believe that much of what happens in the world is anything more than some or another species of scam.

I save up every bit of credulity I have in my whole system for Sunday morning. After that, I’m tapped out. As the old sign seen on many a bar wall in the south says: In God We Trust – all others pay cash.


2 thoughts on “This I (Don’t) Believe

  1. A beautifully concise list of heresies against the Church of Modernity. Thanks for writing this. It really made my day.

  2. I don’t believe a confession of faith of this kind has ever been made, but it may just be an intellectualized version of what hardnosed working men have felt for centuries.

    I myself don’t believe in hard work or the Lord, and hate civilization, but your blog is one of the two or three greatest I’ve ever found: I feel the privilege of being in the company of a kindred spirit, despite our differences.

    And a truly excellent writer!

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