Who Are Your Influences?

As Jimmy Rabbitte asked… and which you may wish to know.

Strong influences on my thoughts – at least the ones you will find here – include Bruce Charlton, Roy Masters, John Derbyshire, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Yoshiki Tanaka, Pat Buchanan, Lew Rockwell, Julius Evola, Jim Kunstler, Adam Curry, Epictetus, David Goldman, William S. Lind, E. Michael Jones, Anton LaVey, Dan Carlin, and most especially, the indispensable Fred Reed, whose thoughts on our age are perhaps the wisest, and most biting, you will find anywhere.

The above should by no means be taken to mean that I necessarily agree with 100% of the ideas of the above-listed men, but that I owe each a debt of gratitude for imparting their ideas to me, and, by doing so, allowing me to hone my own ideas.


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